Our Story

Hi, I’m Lanning

I’m the Founder and CEO of Sorette. Like you, I spent hours googling what I “should” and “shouldn’t” consume as a new mom, only to end up frustrated not knowing who I could trust for the right information. I knew there had to be a better (and less anxiety-inducing) way for women to navigate products during this pivotal time in their lives, so I created it.

Sorette is a new product standard for motherhood that you can find through our Seal of Approval and one-stop shop. We've created an incredible team comprising of leading toxicologists, thought partners, and our Scientific Advisory Board made up of OBGYNs, Dermatologists, Epidemiologists, Nutritionists, and experts in Women's Health. We've created our standards with your safety in mind to ensure that you and your family are surrounded by trusted products from great brands, during the time when it matters most. We’re here to help you focus less on over-analyzing ingredient labels, and more on baby, your growing bond, and your needs during this precious and transitional time. 

Our Mission

Prioritizing and protecting
your peace of mind.

At Sorette we connect you with trusted products,
so you can feel more present, positive, and confident during your pregnancy and throughout motherhood.

Our Values


We carefully evaluate every product on Sorette based on the latest scientific thought leadership. We adhere to our comprehensive No-Go List™ which was created in partnership with leading toxicologists and framework backed by our Scientific Advisory Board.


We partner with trusted products, only after each individual product's ingredients successfully passes through our screening process. Transparency is paramount to us. We are involved in one of the most important stages of woman’s life and take it seriously.


We believe an educated mom is an empowered mom. We are committed to empowering our consumers by providing them with knowledge on how to make safer choices for themselves and their families.


We aim to ease the journey for moms-to-be by simplifying ingredient scrutiny and research. We understand the emotional journey of motherhood and are committed to providing compassionate support, fostering shared experiences and guidance.