Meet Sorette: Your One-Stop Shop Pregnancy & Motherhood

Meet Sorette: Your One-Stop Shop Pregnancy & Motherhood

Finally – there is a new standard in town. Welcome to Sorette: your one-stop shop with trusted products for pregnancy and motherhood, allowing you to browse confidently and with peace of mind…

…because you have better things to do than analyze label after label – you know, like grow and raise a human.

Sorette is the Destination for Pregnancy and Motherhood Products

Becoming a mother is a wonderful, messy, joyous, overwhelming journey. It’s a time when we truly feel all the feels. Responsibilities change, priorities change, needs change. And something top of mind for many mothers and mothers-to-be is their and their baby’s health and safety during their pregnancy (before, during, and after).

As well-intentioned mothers, we spend an endless amount of time Googling what we “should” and “shouldn’t” be putting on our bodies or in our homes. Scrolling through the articles and suggestions can feel overwhelming at best and paralyzing at worst. Not to mention the dizzying array of products thrown at you through ads and influencers – we’ve been there, too.

Additionally, all the “rights and wrongs” during this time make you wonder… Is this true? Who says? What do I do now? Who can I trust?

Moreover, what does it really mean to be “pregnancy safe”? Is this a black-and-white threshold, or something more gray and individual? And who gets to decide that? Up until now, a person who is carrying the physical and mental weight of a pregnancy has also been burdened with having to know whether every. single. thing. they buy is a risk to their and their baby’s health. This pressure on a pregnant person is simply too much.

But that was life before Sorette.

At Sorette, our goal is to provide you with space to feel present, positive, and confident during pregnancy and motherhood. Built by mothers and backed by OB-GYNs, Dermatologists, Toxicologists, Chemists, Registered Dietitians, and Women’s Health Experts, every single product on Sorette has been vetted by our dedicated and thoughtful team.

Sorette was born to quiet all the noise, conflicting or not, that seems to come from every angle: friends and family, doctors, and of course – the internet. However, we still want you to feel empowered to build the lifestyle you want while feeling healthy and confident. That’s why we make our standards clear, concise, and unambiguous, so you’re never second-guessing what you’re putting in your shopping cart or on your body.

What Does “Sorette Approved” Mean?

Every item in our shop is “Sorette Approved,” which means that products are formulated without any of the prohibited substances and within the limits of the restricted substances parameters listed on our comprehensive, research-backed No-Go List™ – a list that evolves with our ongoing research and ingredient analysis.


What is the No-Go List™?

The No-Go List™ for Sorette's Seal of Approval for personal care products is defined as a list of prohibited and restricted substances that evolves with our ongoing research and ingredient analysis around known hazardous or suspected hazardous chemicals.

These substances relate to endpoints such as (but not limited to): Human Health: Reproductive Toxicity, Developmental Toxicity (including Developmental Neurotoxicity), Carcinogenicity, Neurotoxicity, Mutagenicity/Genotoxicity, and Endocrine Activity. We work with two premier toxicologist partners to build and maintain our No-Go List™ and have the guidance and backing of our process through our Scientific Advisory Board.

Using our robust dataset, we work with our partner, Novi Connect, to ingest a brand’s full ingredient list and cross reference it to our No-Go List™. We also work with our Chemical Management team for support and guidance as we continuously evolve our strategy for screening chemicals and formulations for acceptability using existing and emerging chemical hazard data. This comprehensive approach underscores Sorette's commitment to providing the best options for consumers, particularly for expecting mothers, who seek transparency and reliability in their personal care product choices.

What Are the Product Options at Sorette?

Sorette will be focusing on personal care products first as we launch. You will be able to find products in: beauty, skincare, body care, and baby.

Label reading while trying to conceive, during pregnancy, and beyond is about a lot more than just food — it’s also about what we’re touching and putting on our bodies. Consistent with research and backed by our Scientific Advisory Board, these are some of the main cleaning, beauty, and skincare ingredients we’re avoiding in our shop:

  • Phthalates
  • Parabens
  • Oxybenzone
  • Triclosan

Sorette has put this all in one convenient place to make it easy for you, so we can make smart decisions on what we put onto our bodies and bring into our homes.

Sorette Celebrates You

We are here for those who want to clean up their body and home during such a pivotal time, but we also want to acknowledge that this is life. With all of these recommendations, cut yourself some slack. No one is perfect, and all we can do is try our best. We are here to support you in that, and we want to remind you that you’re doing great.

Sorette is a place to feel empowered in your pregnancy product hunts, never a space to feel pressured or unsure. We remove the inundation of negativity and fear and replace it with a Sorette Seal of Approval. We’ve done all the research for you and enlisted an expert team to ensure every product on our site is tailored for you during this precious time.

You can trust in Sorette knowing that it welcomes you to choose a lifestyle that’s best for you and your growing family.

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Disclaimer: As pregnancy affects everyone differently, you should check in on your individual needs with your doctor before beginning the use of any products if pregnant, nursing, or planning to become pregnant.