Sorette’s Promise: A Letter From the Founder & CEO

Sorette’s Promise: A Letter From the Founder & CEO

When I found out I was pregnant, all the emotions hit me, as they do for many. Excited, fearful, hopeful… I knew I was entering a part of my life where there would be moments of uncertainty and unknowing. In fact, I was ready for it. I’m the type to do the research and put in the work for things that are important to me, like this pregnancy. I was naive to think, though, that making sure I was providing the safest experience for myself and my baby could be secured by my incessant Googling.

Pregnancy safe skincare

Pregnancy safe beauty

Pregnancy safe house cleaner

…and so on.

The fact that I was trying to create a safe place for us but was having to jump through so many hoops to find out the answers was frustrating to me. I thought, “What does ‘pregnancy safe’ even mean, and who gets to decide that?” The conflicting advice from different experts and researchers, friends and family in addition to the overwhelming array of choices left me anxious and uncertain. 

My background, spanning nearly a decade in the highly regulated food and beverage industry, only highlighted the uncharted territories of personal care products, especially in pregnancy. It was like venturing into the wild west, where clear, empowering guidance was scarce.

This was the moment Sorette was conceived – out of a necessity to create a trusted, reliable haven for mothers navigating the complexities of product safety during their most precious life stages.

At its heart, Sorette is more than just a brand; it's a mission.

Sorette’s mission is to connect you with safer and trusted products, so you can feel more present, positive, and confident during your pregnancy and throughout motherhood.

Sorette is committed to handpicking the best, most trustworthy products so that you can make choices with confidence and ease.

…and you can chill out on the midnight-Googling. Sorette’s got you.

What excites me the most about Sorette is the opportunity to partner with and showcase brands that are not just creating products, but are crafting stories and solutions. Each brand founder I've spoken to shares a common thread – a pivotal, transformative moment in their journey to motherhood that inspired their creations. It's a privilege to bring together these like-minded brands, offering you a platform to discover and connect with products that might have otherwise remained hidden gems.

Imagine walking into a space where calmness washes over you, where every item on the shelf has been chosen with your needs in mind. This is the experience I envision for every customer who visits Sorette. I want it to feel like entering the home of a close friend - a friend who greets you with a warm smile, invites you to relax in a cozy corner, and truly listens to you. Sorette is that friend. A place where you can confidently choose products, knowing they have been meticulously selected with your safety in mind and suitability for your unique journey through motherhood.

At Sorette, we aspire to build a deep, enduring connection with you. We understand that motherhood is a journey with many stages – from the first hopes of conception to the challenges and joys of raising a family. Our commitment is to be there with you, offering products that cater to every stage of this incredible journey. We aim to be a part of your story, providing not just products, but support, understanding, and a community that grows with you.

We understand that motherhood is a journey filled with joy, challenges, and countless decisions. Our promise to you is to simplify this journey by taking the guesswork out of choosing the right products for your pregnancy and motherhood journey. 

Sorette is….

Curated with Care: Every product in our collection is meticulously selected. We ensure they meet our highest standards, so you don't have to spend hours researching.

A Trusted Friend: Think of us as that knowledgeable friend who always knows just what you need. Whether you're looking for skincare that's safer for pregnancy or essentials for your newborn, we've got you covered.

Saving Precious Time: We understand that time is your most precious resource. Sorette helps you reclaim those hours spent in uncertainty and doubt. With our carefully curated products, you can make quick, confident decisions, giving you more time to focus on what truly matters – your health and your growing family.

Empowering Confidence: We want you to feel empowered and confident in your choices. By providing clear, straightforward information about our products, we help you make informed decisions that resonate with your personal motherhood journey.

A Community of Support: Beyond products, Sorette is a community. We're here to support you at every step – from trying to conceive, through pregnancy, and into motherhood. We're not just a store; we're a partner in your journey.

This is our promise to you – to be a beacon of trust, support, and understanding in a world that often feels overwhelming. At Sorette, we don’t just sell products; we provide peace of mind.

All my best,