Beyond the Label: Why Not All 'Pregnancy Safe' Claims Are Created Equal

Beyond the Label: Why Not All 'Pregnancy Safe' Claims Are Created Equal

Embarking on the journey to motherhood, be it through conception, pregnancy, or breastfeeding, often feels like navigating a labyrinth. With an overload of Google searches, advice pouring in from all corners, and endless discussions with your OBGYN and dermatologist, it's hard to know who and what to trust.

In this maze, "pregnancy safe" product claims are everywhere, bombarding you from social media, popping up in your searches, and fluttering through discussions on your favorite pregnancy apps. But have you ever stopped to think about the reliability of these claims? It seems every brand sets its own standards, leaving us craving some consistency.

Take a moment to consider the varied safety claims around pregnancy and breastfeeding by well-known brands in the picture above. Truth be told, the situation is anything but black and white. 

The concept of "Pregnancy Safe" skincare, beauty, and household goods is murky at best, with scant evidence to back many claims, largely due to the ethical complexities of testing on pregnant women.

Here at Sorette, we're charting a new course. Our foundation is built on solid science and research. We're focused on filling the knowledge gaps around the chemicals in personal care products, guiding our community towards safer, trustworthy choices for their journey into motherhood. We're all about transparency, openly sharing the chemicals we steer clear of and collaborating with top-notch toxicologists and chemical management groups to enhance our understanding and empower our consumers.

Sorette Approved is the new standard

Introducing Sorette's Seal of Approval, a pioneering standard in maternal care. Guided by our Scientific Advisory Board and esteemed toxicologists, we've meticulously curated a No-Go List™ encompassing of both prohibited and restricted substances.

This comprehensive list prioritizes health, specifically targeting reproductive, developmental, and endocrine disruptors, among other concerns. At Sorette, we believe in full transparency. Our commitment extends beyond mere compliance; we require all products to meet our rigorous standards for ingredient disclosure. This means providing complete transparency on labels, including fragrance ingredients, ensuring that every expectant mother has access to the information she needs to make informed choices.

With Sorette's Seal of Approval, you can trust that every product bearing our seal has undergone thorough scrutiny against our No-Go List™ and meets our stringent criteria for transparency. 

Our dream is to create an environment where mothers feel supported, not swamped by differing opinions or scared by extreme viewpoints.

The Sorette Seal is more than just a mark of a safer choice; it's a symbol of our dedication to your peace of mind during this special time.

Safer Products for Pregnancy & Motherhood Are Out There – Sorette Put Them All in One Place

The path to motherhood is filled with its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to ensuring the safety of everyday products. Today's moms are fiercely committed to making informed choices for their families, often finding themselves lost in a sea of research and comparisons.

That's where Sorette comes in. Born from the frustration of navigating countless products in search of safer options, we envisioned a marketplace that brings together trusted products from across beauty, skincare, home, and baby care. Our goal? To simplify your search and set a new product standard for motherhood.

At Sorette, we're thrilled to offer a shopping experience that brings you peace of mind and confidence. Backed by our Science Advisory Board, every product bearing the Sorette Seal is a testament to our commitment to your family's health and well-being. It's our way of ensuring you can focus on the joys of pregnancy and the beauty of motherhood, worry-free.

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