So, What Does “Sorette” Even Mean?

So, What Does “Sorette” Even Mean?

Sorette. By now, you may know it as the most trusted destination for pregnancy and motherhood, but what does the name actually mean? 

To know Sorette is to know sœurette.

Hey, Sis. We got you.

sœurette /sœ.ʁɛt/ (plural sœurettes, masculine frérot) – little sister; sis

Sorette was inspired by the French word "sœurette" meaning "little sister.” When asked why she named her company this, Lanning Ardente, the Founder and CEO said, “I loved the idea of creating this older, wiser, big sister, mentor figure that the little sister could turn to for guidance through this transformative time in her life.  We are here to fill those "big sister" shoes.”

But she quickly and cleverly adds, “But not like your actual big sister who may be a little too… forceful with her recommendations.”

Think: helpful, trustworthy, compassionate, and non-judgemental. One of the biggest goals of this “big sis” role, though, is to never pressure or fear you into a direction. This sister cheers you on, shares knowledge and stories, and will always root for what you want: health and safety during your pregnancy and forever.

Sorette – She’s Been There, and She Gets You

Ardente has thoughtfully conjured up the personality of this brand, “knowing that motherhood takes different shapes for everyone and that it comes with all sorts of twists and turns and emotions.” 

Ardente herself wished she had a resource that she trusted to share product options based on a safety standard she was so desperately hunting for during her pregnancies. She remembers combing through Google searches of “can I eat this when I’m pregnant” and “what skincare should I avoid when I’m pregnant” only to find complicated suggestions and endlessly long ingredient lists. She also wondered who decided what “pregnancy safe” even means? When brands call themselves, “pregnancy safe,” what can the consumer assume? It was clear to her that safety standards for motherhood essentials was like the Wild West.

That was when the tide changed for Ardente, and she knew she had to step in. Ardente believes that an educated mother is an empowered mother, so when she came up for air after the birth of her two children, she made it her mission to create a source of truth for all mothers and mothers-to-be. Along with her Science Advisory Board, Ardente has defined Sorette's standards and is sharing this information with all mothers who shouldn’t bare the burden of being an all-knowing consumer. Sorette has your back, just like your understanding, compassionate big sister.

Sorette Connects You With Safer Products for Pregnancy and Motherhood

Ardente has made it her mission to help every mother feel more present, positive, and confident during this emotional era of life (that from what we hear, never really ends). “From trying-to-conceive, to pregnancy, through postpartum, and into motherhood, Sorette’s got you covered every step of the way.”

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